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Has India lost its GOD?

By bhavika bali
Posted Mar 21, 2013 in
There is nothing which can be done without the help of the god! We are born, brought up and laid to rest under the mercies of God almighty!
Indian’s are probably the most God fearing and culturally rooted group in
today’s times! It is In fact nothing to worry about, as it’s pretty obvious that someone is running the world!
The problem starts when all the belief you have about God have been customized in different sizes and packages according to requirements of numerous religions we have here in India. The way you have to perceive God has to be in Sync with the religion you follow and if not, there is a very thin line of difference between a believer and non believer in India.
Religion influences almost everything in India. Your Name, Your Surname, your relatives, the value system you have brought up with, your education, whom you Date, whom you marry, whom your kids marry, how you will be treated when you die is all directly linked to the religion you follow!!
Religion runs your personal life, it runs households, it runs politics, it runs the economy and most of all it runs the nation INDIA.
Today's India, the India of 2013 is India that is a 'FOLLOWER' and no Longer a believer. We follow practices, rituals,traditions only because we are GOD FEARING and not GOD BELIEVING.
India is the land of RAMA, the god who was known for his Dharma , but the same India is now in news the world over for a Rapist RAM Singh, who along with his friends tortured a 23 year old Indian girl to Death.
The observation is simple , we have carried forward the RAM for thousands of year but left his godliness behind. We molded RAM as a religious figure but forgot that GOD was not because of his origin but because of his greatness as GOD!
In a land with crores of stories of Birth of best of the God, Why is God treated as a toy!! A toy who's different variations in forms of idols, pictures, pendants and endless accessories are sold and bought Daily in every Indian market ?
Has India Lost its GOD ?