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Commercial for new App is on line and has this viewer laughing

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Mar 17, 2013 in
When this reporter was told about auditions for a commercial that would be featured on the web, I thought how unusual! Turns out local San Francisco actor Tim Vigil got a part and he too was a bit puzzled. "A commercial just for the web?"
Vigil and I are friends and he has shared many a-behind-the-scenes story now and then about several of his acting jobs. Usually, his worry is that something fell apart and the work was all in vain.
Fortunately, he has nothing to worry about. I say this to him each time he takes on one of these acting gigs, "I am sure all will work out fine, the director/producer is probably busy." And, usually at just about the third or fourth round of conversations via phone call or coffee time chat, he will say, "oh and by the way, I heard from that director/producer and I got the clip. They sent it to me in the mail," etc.
And, so all is well with the world. I try gently to remind my friend Tim that there are many people out there just clamoring for a part, any part in a play, movie or commercial in San Francisco. I know, because I used to make the rounds for auditions (not too long ago, I think) and it ain't easy.
What my friend Tim also doesn't realize is that he is very lucky to have gotten some of his acting jobs by referral. I know plenty of actors, performers, singers, dancers who would be thrilled and honored to be referred to a director/producer. That certainly helps and if I recall my days at the Jean Shelton Actors Lab, when we actors went out for auditions, the amount of work out there was slim. San Francisco's theater community is small compared to New York City and other places.
And, the competition was heavy, lots of people would show up for auditions, even for small local productions. So, as much as I am happy to hear of my friend's success, I am a bit taken a back that he complains, especially when he got paid. How fortunate is that!
I am very happy for my friend Tim, the actor. And, I hope this charming little commercial will lead to more work for him. He and the other actors are fun to watch. This is a very clever commercial and for a very practical app too! What will they think of next?

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