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A Thank You Letter for Tintin and Camille

By Ron de Vera
Posted Mar 14, 2013 in World
Dear Tintin and Camille,
I hope you are aware of what you've done. Are you? Let me tell you.
Tintin, you've shown that there are parents who badly need gender and sexuality education (the right kind of education, mind you). Sorry, you can't squeeze your way out of this. Whatever you do from this point forward, however many sorry's you spew out, your 'article' has already proven that there are parents who have little to zero understanding of how to handle the gender and sexuality aspects of raising a child. That's what you've done.
Camille, you've shown that there are people who blur the lines between what they learned in training and what is their personal opinion. It's one thing to pepper your opinion with faith and traditional beliefs. But to use your credentials to mask your medieval musings is completely unacceptable. Starting today, we're going to be a lot more careful of you and other 'psychologists' who have an opinion on anything. That's what you've done.
Tintin and Camille, you've proven that there are people like you who have not learned from the mistakes of Miriam Quiambao, Anthony Taberna, and Manny Pacquiao. But do you know what else you've done?
You've proven that there are real experts out there who will expose your misguided truths. And you've also proven that we will no longer take this sitting down, that this ignorant and hateful attitude shall no longer go unnoticed with impunity. You made me feel good because after all these years of fighting for equality, there are still tireless LGBT activists and allies willing to stand up for what is right. You made me wonder what greater challenges we can overcome. You made me believe that my children (if I decide to have them) might actually be in good hands when they grow up. You made me believe that a future without people like you might be closer than I thought. You made me look forward to that. That's what you've done.
And for that, from the bottom of my homosexual heart, thank you!
A gay son with a loving, informed, and educated mother,
Ron de Vera

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