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Is cancer a profit industry?

By Joseph Caswell
Posted Mar 12, 2013 in Health
It seems like every time I turn my back some poor creature drops dead of cancer. This modern-day plague is sweeping across the Northern-hemisphere like a violent thunder-storm, leaving: death, debt, and a battered health-system. Statistically I don't think the southern -hemisphere is far behind us either, but I think there fruity Mediterranean diets are keeping the numbers lower than our, highly powered emulsified junk, we call food. There is enough: Aspartame, sodium-nitrate and processed crap in our food, that the human body has gone into complete chemical meltdown. A trip to the super-market today is like: drinking liquid-asbestos and soaking our internal organs in a chemically enhanced soup. It's little wonder cancer is knocking on everybody's door. Surfing the web nowadays, it doesn’t take long before your sucked into another “conspiracy theory.” over the past six months I’ve come across the shocking and shadowy world of the cancer industry -which if true- has paralysed my faith in humanity, and unroll my loyalty in medical science. Denial and disgrace has left me leering toward uncertainty about this issue, but it's hard to mentally balance out the blatantly obvious corruption that’s rife within the F.D.A. As the U.K 's N.H.S buys large quantities of drugs from F.D.A approved drug-companies, this has sent a weird, and unusually rare sense of fear racing through my soul, and an indescribable wave of doubt about the direction of medical science.
The chances of a male in the U.S/U.K being struck down by the, malignant and catastrophic world of cancer, is now 1in2. It's like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun of malicious tumours, and not a blessed white-blood-cell in site. The industrialized west is now a cesspit of malignant tumours, and a chemically engineered society. The past century has seen governments and corporations pump enough chemicals into the unbalanced atmosphere, that this polluted planet will need a round of chemotherapy itself. It's safe to say that man is the disease.
I first came across this “conspiracy” early last year, I loosely brushed over the topic and initially thought; what a load of bullshit. But then I came across a story about a man named: Chris Wark. As I read more into his story, my pineal gland started flashing and my subconscious was vibrating messages that would keep the pharmaceutical industry awake for a fortnight. Chris Wark claimed to have naturally cured his own cancer. Also know as “Alternative therapies” or to the pharmaceutical industry, “quackery.” the more I look into this bizarre and organic research, the more stories and testimonies surfaced.... I mean there were literally thousands of them; from people having brain tumours cured, to stage iv cancer being put into remission.
It's hard to turn your back on medical science, and start to contemplate that the pharmaceutical industry is a sleazy monopoly of profit and political favouritism. What the hell is anybody suppose to think when the F.D.A is in charge of: regulating and approving this Vasily important sector of the social jungle, I’ve seen more honesty in: Dr. Josef Mengele's cruel and twisted Auschwitz experiments than the F.D.A's web of lies and corruption. I've watched a documentary about: Dr. Burzynski's puzzling and shambolic dealings with the: F.A.D, and American Cancer Society, that case alone speaks volumes about the labyrinth of sleaze Dr.Burzynski was dragged through. I won't detail his bizarre story; I’ll provide you with a link, and urge you to watch the documentary.
But I still remain sceptical about this issue of natural therapies, is there really some truth in flooding your body with: vitamins, minerals, and enough vitamin C to super-charge your immune system up like a Ferrari engine, and defend your body against the devastating affects of cancer?
Nobel prize winning Dr. Linus Pauling brought the powerful effects that vitamin C has on cancer, into the pubic arena, and was tarnished a quack by the mainstream media, and medical establishment. It's now universally excepted that Dr. Linus was right... well! The medical industry have excepted parts of his work and don't like to talk about the rest.
The medical profession's answer to this increasingly popular natural therapy phenomena, is that patients have fallen victim to: stupidity, misdiagnosis and a classic case of quackery. But what's the medical establishment's answer to cancer? Pills, chemotherapy, and a lethal blast of radiation that will melt your mind, and practically leave you an unresponsive Chernobyl victim. Must people are familiar will the poisonous reality of chemotherapy. The physical and psychological impact on most patients leaves them, sadly 6 feet under, with a devastated immune system, and a heart broken family to foot the bill.
chemotherapy does have a marginally small success rate, it's not the greatest of statistics, and certainly doesn't inspire any confidence in the thousands of cancer infested tax payers, but this is a violent, and evil disease, doctors are at the frontline, fighting the good fight, knee deep in this madness, daily! Am I really open to the possibility that a plant -based diet, and an overdose of vitamin C will cure my cancer?........ I hope so. Because when my time comes -which it will- I don't fancy having my immune system hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry, and my cancer decaying body being molested by toxic radiation.

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