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Repair Error Code -1407 in MAC

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Feb 27, 2013 in Technology
Mac OS shows error code 1407 when you try to move a file/ folder to the Trash. This error comes with following description:
“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error Code -1407)”
1. Repair Disk Permissions
2. Format the Drive with a Different Drive Format
3. Force Quit the Finder
4. Use Terminal
5. Remove Apple Finder PList
Repair Disk Permissions
Your hard disk could lack file read/ write access permissions. Mac provides simple way to automatically repair the disk permissions. Here are the steps required to fix error code -1407:
1. Open the Finder.
2. Right click your Hard Disk Drive icon.
3. Select Get Info.
4. Macintosh HD window shall appear.
5. On the left hand side you’ll get list of hard drives and CD ROMs connected.
6. Select your hard disk. Click the Repair Disk Permissions button.
7. Follow the instructions on your screen.
Format the Drive with a Different Drive Format
As default Mac offers different drive volume formats such as Mac OS Extended, MS DOS (FAT 32) and so on. Mac error code 1407 appears due to unsupported drive volume formats. The drive volume format you applied during Mac installation could be not supporting the hard disk. Format the drive with a different drive format.
1. Click Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Disk Utility program shall appear.
3. Click the Eraser tab.
4. Select the drive appearing on the left hand side panel.
5. Select a different drive volume format. Specify a name for the concerning drive.
6. Click the Erase button.
Force Quit the Finder
Force Quit and relaunch the Finder to fix error code -1407. Here’s how:
1. On the Apple menu, press Command + Options + Esc simultaneously.
2. Force Quit window shall appear.
3. Select the Finder and click Force Quit.
4. Click the Re-launch button.
Use Terminal
Use the Terminal to execute given command. Follow these steps to fix Mac error code 1407:
1. Click Applications | Utilities | Terminal.
2. Terminal window shall open.
3. Type following commands-
sudo chflags –R nouchg
4. Press Return.
5. Enter your password, if prompted. Press Return.
Remove Apple Finder PList
Apple Finder PList contains library files. Remove these files to repair error code -1407.
1. Launch the Finder.
2. Hold down Options key and click Go button.
3. Click Library | Preferences.
4. Remove following file:
5. Logout and re-login again to fix Mac error code 1407.
Author Bio: Nauman Lodhi is an IT and Digital Media professional. He writes extensively on these issues. Find more information about Mac error 1407 here.

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