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The Caregivers Club

By Cynthia M
Posted Feb 21, 2013 in Lifestyle
I haven't written in a few days as I've been rather busy and decided my spare time is better utilized sleeping than sitting here. I check my email and then foolishly decide to check facebook. Before I even go there, I want to make sure that whoever does read my words understands that I do not feel as tho I am deserving of anything or even envious because the Almighty put me here.. My task, my job and I do it damn well.
Family. I do have siblings, younger, who live away from here by hours. I do not expect them to visit daily or even weekly. They have lives, homes, husbands and children of their own. So I read a sisters facebook entry where she has spent the day with her daughter and her daughters friend at a spa. And as I read this I look down at my own nails and remember it's been years since I've had a professional manicure. What does it dost now.. maybe 20 bucks plus tip?
I have been unemployed for almost 5 years now. My last job I worked graveyard so I could be here during the day to take care of my dad. I have no income, savings depleted and what I do need is supplied by my oldest son. A manicure is definitely not a need in my book but as a woman.. It sure is nice once in awhile.
Our current medicare system will pay for perfect strangers to come in and care for those we love but family.. you're screwed. You can not apply for assistance because your loved ones care isn't important to anyone but yourself and I'll be damned if I'll let anyone in here to care for my father.
I took my mom thru her last months on this earth and although I will say the hospice nurses were the best.. when I caught a paid "Caregiver" eating my mothers lunch. I threw a fit, but apparently this is allowed. They will pay for this but not for us, the ones who give the best care anyone could give.
I guess I've complained enough for today, my own little pity party. Family caregivers are a forgotten lot. As long as we're here sibli ngs have no guilt.. they go on with their daily lives while you have given up yours to do the right thing. Oh, and would I accept the money for a manicure? No, as I said earlier, my siblings have children of their own, younger children who are still in school. They have field trips and parties, the things junior high kids do but once in awhile.. just an offer goes a long long way.