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Don't get high on Khat (aka Kat, Qat, Chat); it is not worth it

By Ismai Warsame
Posted Feb 11, 2013 in Health
Khat is green stimulant leafs chewed by the peoples of the Horn of Africa and Yemen. It is legal high in many countries and banned by others. It is also popular among the immigrant population from those countries. It is farmed and harvested in Ethiopia, Kenya and North Yemen. According health professionals, the habit has an adverse health effects on its users, deriving them of sleep, appetite for food and energy to function and do one's daily work. It stimulates and heightens sexual desires in both male and female, which may not necessarily translate into best performance in some men.
As large portion of the population of non-khat producing countries uses it, it can be a serious drain on the economy as it also impacts negatively on labor productivity of those nations like Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia and yemen. Somalia and Djibouti import disproportionate quantity of the green leafs and their populations suffer most from the indulgence of the stuff .

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