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New nations for Africa, as in the Balkans?

By Robert G Cope
Posted Feb 11, 2013 in World
Judging from the heaving events from at least the Arab Spring to France's recent intervention in Mali, Africa may well be another Balkans throughout the 21st Century. Part of the solution for the Balkans may be relevant for Africa: redraw arbitrary borders.
Since the end of the Kosovo War of 1999, ethnic, religious, and political tensions appear virtually unheard of throughout all of the European South-east. Prior to this century, the region was in constant turmoil as the Catholic and Orthodox, later the Islamic, the Turkish, Slavic, Bulgars, Magyars, and various nobles and kings, tribes and Empires clashed.
Since new nations were created (Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro...) providing – it appears – this populous with renewed identities and security consistent with their languages, religions, cultures, and shared history.
South-east Europe as the Balkans are today.
South-east Europe as the Balkans are today.
Africa, however, with its rich maze of tribes is disadvantaged having to contend with many arbitrary borders drawn by European powers as a means to balance European interests: commercial, religious and territorial, for the benefits of France, Spain, England and Belgium.
Recent Digital Journal reporting such as those on the Central African Republic and Mali where territorial integrity and stability appear reasons for intervention belie the reality of economic interventions to secure the Continent's vast resources.
This blog's suggestion, for justice and peace – wherever possible – is to begin to adjust, ASAP, borders in the interests of Tuaregs, Wahhabites, the Waleu-Ntems ... even the Baka pygmies.

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