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Texting the moment away

By Joie Maccarone
Posted Feb 4, 2013 in Lifestyle
When I am sitting across from you and looking into your eyes, at that moment, you are the most important person to me. Don't take me wrong. You are not the most important person to me. There are others who are just as important - some more so and some less but, at that precise moment - you are, because we are together. You and I. But, when you stop looking into my eyes and look down at your cell phone to answer a text while we're in the middle of a conversation, you spoil the moment.
My time is important and our time together happens to be important to me, otherwise I wouldn't be there with you, but when you return a text, you are giving me the message that I am not important to you and that you do not value our time, together. I feel that I may as well be alone because while you are texting, you are not there with me. And, if I wanted to spend my time alone, I wouldn't have agreed to meet with you.
Now, pardon me as I leave, for I see that you're texting, again, and haven't heard a word I said. Now check your text. This one is from me. Too bad, you missed the moment.

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