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Heard from some awesome people about my DJ articles...

By Sherene Chen-See
Posted Jan 28, 2013 in Internet
Ever wonder who is reading your articles and how wide reaching they are? Because of DJ's high Google rankings and active Twitter account, some of our articles do reach some really interesting people!
Today Dr. Allen Frances from Psychology Today magazine, professor at Duke University and member of the DSM-IV committee, emailed to thank me for writing my article criticizing upcoming changes to the diagnostic criteria for certain psychiatric conditions. He and his associate, who also emailed me, found my article through a Google search. They were very appreciative of the article.
The other day, Samantha Barks of the Les Miserables film (she plays Eponine) was thrilled with my review of her performance. She wrote us a thank you on Twitter. She saw the article because a DJ twitter subscriber sent her the link.
And then, the student writers at Northern Toronto Collegiate emailed to thank me for writing about their school newspaper, which they funded and produced by themselves because of the ongoing teachers' strike. They are planning to send me a copy of their newspaper when it is published. I'm so pleased for them!
I never really think people like Samantha Barks and Dr. Frances are out there reading my stuff so it's quite a pleasant surprise. And then it's also wonderful to hear from the next generation of writers! Kudos to the DJ team for doing a great job of promoting our articles.

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