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Firefly Chemistry Used to Evaluate Tuberculosis Vaccines

By Tim Sandle
Posted Jan 16, 2013 in Science
Interesting news from the FDA, based on research published in the Journal of Microbiological Methods titled “Characterization of an intracellular ATP assay for evaluating the viability of live attenuated mycobacterial vaccine preparations”.
The results of a study by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists suggest that a laboratory test based on firefly chemistry could accurately and rapidly evaluate the potency of tuberculosis vaccines in triggering immune responses.
The findings are important because the new test might be able to replace the existing one, which is time-consuming, labor intensive, and often does not yield reproducible results. Additional studies are underway to further evaluate the findings to determine the adoptability of this test. This test has the potential to facilitate the production process of current tuberculosis vaccines while enabling development of newer vaccines now being studied in the laboratory.
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