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Politics: work harder and retire early

By Ismai Warsame
Posted Jan 14, 2013 in World
Knowing something about politics and watching politicians keenly for a while now, I discover that those who retire early with favorable rating, leave good public impression and lasting legacy behind. Any politician who opts to stay in power too long will definitely end up in abysmal failure and public condemnation. In many politically and economically advanced countries, there are good reasons for constitutionally restricting the term in office of an executive leader.
In the case of the developing countries, where public institutions and press are still weak, politicians tend to stay in office far too long, and in many instances, for ever, eventually causing an explosion of a simmering time bomb of public outrage with catastrophic consequences of civil war and failed state (i.e Somalia). The so-called "Arab Spring" revolution is the best example of the new experiences by peoples that were politically frozen in time and space for centuries.
As one observes political turmoils in developing countries, one would find out that the immediate family members of the leader can be both the sources of the failures and successes, and in most cases, the main cause for his/her eventual downfall and public disgrace.
The sooner a leader retires, the better and positive legacy he/she leaves behind.

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