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Girls is one of the best written shows on television right now

By David Silverberg
Posted Jan 3, 2013 in Technology
Some have called it a hipster Sex in the City. Some say only women would be attracted to its character. No way on both accounts, in my opinion. The HBO hit series Girls, soon to begin its second season, is miles away away from Sex in the City and is incredibly appealing to young adults of all sexes.
After devouring the first season of Girls on DVD within a week, I can honestly say I have heard some of the most realistic dialogue ever written for modern TV. Some lines feel ripped out of my life, it's uncanny. Is creator Lena Dunham peeking into my 24/7?!
Girls follows Hannah and her three friends as they navigate the turbulent and uncertain life of being a twentysomething in New York. One girlfriend wants to get out of her boring relationship; another seeks to lose her virginity. And Hannah is beset by troubling questions over job security and transitioning her friends-with-benefits man to a more stable boyfriend.
What makes Girls so compelling is the well-rounded characters writer Dunham crafts. They feel natural, not just caricatures. Dialogue flies naturally from lipsticked mouths. There is little here that feels unrealistic.
I never thought I'd relate to a series called Girls. After all, Sex in the City just didn't feel like my kind of show. But it's amazing what great writing and enthralling characters can do to keep you hooked.