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What’s eating you — The dangers of red meat

By Joseph Morris
Posted Dec 31, 2012 in Health
The recent buzz surrounding the dangers of red meat is justifiable because it is proven to cause serious health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Only one serving a day can increase your risk of early death by 20 percent. Americans are the most at risk because they consume the most red and processed meat than any other population.
Eating meat in moderation can be a good source of complete proteins and vitamins but a surplus of red and processed meat is connected to disease. A single serving of red meat is three ounces and is equivalent to a deck of cards. Each additional serving increases chances of cancer by 13 percent and heart disease by 19.5 percent.
The average American is consuming 70 pounds of meat a year. The United States represents one-twentieth of the world’s population yet consumes one-sixth of the world’s meat. 55 percent of the meat consumed in America is red meat. Red and processed meat is full of saturated fat and toxins that is linked to heart disease and cancer.
There are many substitutions one can make instead of red meat. Substituting red meat with nuts reduces chances of an early death by 19 recent. Vegetarian men and women are respectively 50 and 30 percent less at risk of dying early. The dangers of red meat are a major public health concern that is preventable.