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Making Money From Your Digital Photographs

By Alexander Baron
Posted Dec 29, 2012 in Business
The rise of digital photography and mobile phone apps means that even those of us with little or no knowledge of the art or technological nous can take high quality snaps. Now you can make money from them.
Having said that, don't expect to grow rich overnight. In 1981, professional Andrew Besley took photographs of the Penlee Lifeboat disaster. They were stolen from him by Ted Hynds, the operator of Devon News Services, who hawked them all over the world. A court would later award Besley £45,000, though it remains to be seen how much if any of that judgment he collected.
Another scoop if it can be called that was more of a snoop, namely the photographing of a topless Kate Middleton through a telephoto lens while she was sunbathing on private property. Taking a photograph of that nature may earn you a five figure sum, with opprobrium thrown in.
Most photographs any of us take aren't going to earn anything like that. There are already places you can sell your photos on-line; needless to say, some people have had their snaps "stolen" if that is the word, and resold.
There are though two companies that seem worth a shot for the amateur snapper. Foap will sell your photo for $10 and pocket $5 of it. You can sell the same photo over and over again, so if you take a good one, or a topical one, it could in theory make you a lot more.
Scoopshot is more flexible about fees, although as with Foap there is no guarantee you will earn anything, but taking photographs today costs nothing: no development fees or slaving away in a dark room. If you carry a camera in your pocket anyway, what have you to lose?