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The more reliable hosting passes through the clouds

By Salvatore Capolupo
Posted Dec 19, 2012 in Internet
Searching for an affordable web hosting provider could be very uncomfortable if you do not have idea about underlying technology, or if you do not know anything about "overselling" and virtual servers. I work into web applications and websites as an IT and SEO professional, and in many cases I can see two problems about most commont services: the first is related to very long response times (i.e. the portal load webpages very slowly), the latter is about none or very slow assistance when you got some problem or difficulty.
It is important to know that many of the most important web hosting are used to provide their services in overselling: this means, in other terms, that they tend to overload the servers providing the service, so that each site has the illusion of having all the memory, CPU, and hardware resources. In this way each site has got the "illusion" to arrange all the memory, bandwidth, CPU, and hardware resources; so when all sites demand a lot of them, or a single one needs more memory, other portals on the same server could suffer a downtime (i.e. not active website, slow loading etc.). Some years ago the only way to address this problem was a dedicated server: this solution could be fine but, in many cases, it is not practicable for him high costs.
A possibile solution - more cheap and scalable than a dedicated server which might remain unused or misconfigured - for the cases of high-traffic portals is to buy on a cloud hosting (i.e. Keliweb, Seeweb and much others), and I was very glad to know that in my country, in Italy, there is a growing number of provider which adopt this technology for their clients. I think that next year will transfer all my websites in a single cloud. Cloud hosting is a service for storage, web and applications based on clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing: you typically pay what you really use, and can exploit it for a lot of websites.
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Rackspace managed colocation
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