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Is the Cavalry on the Taiji Horizon instead of killing boats in drive formation?

By Rose Dixon
Posted Dec 14, 2012 in Environment
The selection process continued today. Mainly juveniles have been taken into captivity, probably because they are easier to train and the trainers might assume that they will have a longer lifespan so be worth more. Who knows what goes on in the minds of these people? Their thinking is not anywhere near to being similar to mine.
This is what Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians reported from the Cove earlt this morning :
Taiji: 28 dolphins have been taken so far today- 60 including yesterday's! #tweet4taiji
Taiji: 2 dead bodies have just been found by divers and taken out from within the cove #tweet4taiji
These two dolphins were panic stricken and got entangled in the net and drowned.
So the situation at present is that there are 38-40 bottlenose dolphins still left in the Cove, probably terrified after what they have been through and witnessed. Hopefully numb. I am not sure if they have had any food as the entrance out to sea has been netted to keep them in so logically nothing can get in either.
60 x approximately $200.000 = Profit/Greed Not Tradition
capturePhotocredit Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians
There might be a bit of good news today. Enson Inoue is a Japanese American mixed martial artist. He has intervened previously to get dolphins moved to larger facilities and to get rejected ones sent back out to sea. He is in Taiji and is optimistic about a meeting that he had with the Mayor.
The source of the photo and information is the Enson Inoue page on Facebook.
Is the cavalry on the Taiji horizon instead of killing boats in drive formation?
We do not know what was discussed and how it will affect the dolphins that are held in the Cove but we are hopeful that it will be positive. I will update you.

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