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Is this more proof that President Obama is the 'Food Stamp President'?

By Andrew Moran
Posted Dec 10, 2012 in Politics
Economic Collapse News | Food stamp usage in U.S. during economic collapse hits another high in September
"The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released new data Friday for its Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, and the numbers may not bode well for any recovery from the collapse of the U.S. economy.
"According to the figures, there were 47,710,324 Americans enrolled in SNAP in the month of September. This statistic is up more than 600,000 from the month prior when there were 47,102,765 participants in the program. Household participation also increased from 22,684,463 in the month of August to 22,973,698 in September.
"In September, there were one in 6.5 people in the country that were on food stamps."

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