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Authorship and Co-Citations: The New Social Media

By Peter Hutcheson
Posted Dec 9, 2012 in Internet
The biggest question from many people managing a marketing campaign is how to use social media to rank better in the search engines and get more customers. If you look at the IPO of Facebook in May, you see some of the fallout of this confusion. So just how do you use social media to become a thought leader and expert in your particular field? Great question, and I may not have all the answers but lets talk about a few things that can help you achieve your goals.
First off, lets talk about Facebook. What do most people do when they are visiting Facebook? The overwhelming thing that most people say is that they are looking at theirs friends and family profiles to see what they are up to, and also to look at their pictures. So how can you market to these people in this space? An effective strategy is very hard to plan, and this is true of many tradition social marketing channels. Building a brand by posting relevant helpful content is really the only way that I have seen this done.
So what can you do to be social and influence people to engage with your business?
Content is one of the things that brings people to the internet, and well written content engages people. Content also helps with your search engine marketing strategy. But many businesses do not realize that the value they are adding to the overall web experience is directly related to the success of their marketing efforts.
When producing content consider a few things: Is this content relevant to my business? Does this content provide any value to someone that may read it? Would you want your name attached to this content? The answer should be a resounding "Yes" to all of these questions.
Now that you have good content and are ready to present it to the world, how do you take advantage of the opportunity to market yourself or your business? This is where authorship comes in.
Authorship is an easy thing to do and the benefits can be huge. My first recommendation is to sign up for a Google Plus Profile and fill in all the blanks. Next you will want to find areas on the web where you can create additional profiles and submit content. Make sure you fill out your profile information and link to other profiles you use, blogs you write, etc...and don't forget to link your Google Profile. Lastly, make sure you are using these profiles to submit content on a regular basis, and promote your content with social media sites like Mixx, Digg and Reddit to increase the likelihood that people and search engines will find it.
Another strategy is to add this content to relevant blogs with an Author bio and link to your Google Profile. If fresh content is your goal, link from your on-site blog to the relevant page on your site, again making sure you link your Google Profile on the blog post.
The last thing I wanted to mention is co-citations, and co-citations are done by getting buzz from others around the web. This is the hardest marketing effort to track, and hardest to get people to do, but when you get citations you have the opportunity to influence where the search engines rank you on keywords relevant to your business. Sometimes you don't even need to be optimizing your site for these particular keywords. Getting people to mention your business and give a citation is not the easiest thing to do, but if you are producing good results as a business and helping people educate themselves with engaging content, you will find that this is not as hard as many think and this is one of the more effective B2B social media strategies I have seen deployed.

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