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Benghazi: A Fed Informant, Covert CIA Operations, and a Dead 'Ambassador'

By John Bravo
Posted Dec 3, 2012 in Politics
With so much outrage originally blamed on a 15 minute trailer for a fictional movie titled “The Innocence of Muslims” (really just a YouTube clip), it makes sense to look at the pieces of the puzzle and ask ourselves, is this legitimately just a feeble attempt at filmmaking or is there more to the story? ‘False flags’ are nothing new to our society. Most people remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a more recent example of deceit, used to go to war (Vietnam). With many questions still surrounding the official 9/11 account and the reasons for a multi-country invasion that has lasted 10 years, the film may have been another seed to keep us in the Middle East.
Everyone was introduced to the name ‘Sam Bacile’ a few months ago when the YouTube clip was shown to the Muslim world by a popular Egyptian talk show host. Bacile, claiming to have the backing of “100 Jewish donors” quickly took responsibility for the film, but himself was nowhere to be found. That leads to the first oddity: the timing of the film. It had been posted in July, but had sat quietly in the internet cobwebs until a D.C.-area “anti-Islam activist” named Morris Sadek took it upon himself to send the clip to a contact at a small Egyptian newspaper, and claimed responsibility for producing it. The main traces of who Sadek is, lead back to a rather amateur website, rife with spelling and grammatical errors-basically not a professional website for anyone, even the “National American coptic Assembly,” which he is supposedly President of. Another interesting aspect of his website is that Sadek claims to be a “special legal consultant” for the District of Columbia Bar, although a simple search at the D.C. Bar website reveals nothing. The question remains, why would someone who fights for the human rights of Coptic Christians in Egypt, intentionally bring something to light that would be sure to lead to fear and possibly violence against them? Who really is Morris Sadek? What is his connection to ‘Sam Bacile?’
Before (and after) the video went viral globally, no traces of the movie could be found at IMDB or even by the California Film Commission, or of Bacile himself. According to ABC, “Bacile gave conflicting and inconsistent pieces of information to two news outlets.” When basic mainstream journalism kicked into high-gear (relatively speaking), it was discovered that his name was actually Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, another Coptic Christian based in southern California. This is where the case ended for most. However, The Smoking Gun uncovered that Nakoula was actually a Federal Informant whose case was still partially sealed. The case took another weird turn when Nakoula told a judge “his real name” was actually Mark Basseley Youssef. This was confirmed by Court documents filed in Orange County Superior Court in 2002 (his license was listed under Nakoula). More importantly, did Federal authorities really not know that their informant was working under an alias? How did the government ‘prosecute’ someone under an assumed name? Why did so many media outlets refuse to investigate how much work Bacile/Nakoula/Youssef did with the government and when his work ended (if it ended at all)?
Shortly after the video was aired in Egypt, a devastating attack on a 'covert' CIA mission ended the life of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was quickly connected to the video, by most media outlets, even loosely by President Obama at the United Nations. In light of defense “sequestration” that has been a hot talking point lately with the Neoconservative crowd (and basically anyone connected to the military industrial complex), a shady snitch with 14 aliases has now turned into a “cult hero” for many with the attention of everyone from the ACLU to anti-Islam fanatic Pamela Geller. With 66,000 troops still in Afghanistan despite the announced death of Osama Bin Laden last year and only around 100 al Qaeda 'militants' left in Afghanistan, the government needs to build the case to an increasingly disillusioned American public, to stay and maintain a presence in the Middle East. The same reason a two-party system functions so well in the United States, is exactly what is happening on a global scale with Christianity/Judaism and Islam: Creating division and entrenching the people. Ambassador Stevens name will continue to be used as a rallying point as long as is necessary. Alas, we'll never know exactly what the real story was that involved a fed informant, covert CIA operations, and a dead Ambassador...