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Gaza witness Harry Fear- Violence Begets Violence

By Iam Paix
Posted Nov 18, 2012 in World
PressTV interviews Harry Fear, a UK filmmaker and activist, is interviewed from within Gaza with Carol Gould, author and political analyst (London), and Sara Flounder, International Action Center (New York).
Harry Fear comments that children, women and elderly are being massacred due to the disproportionate air attacks on the Gaza strip in response to the homemade rocket attacks on Israel. He says,
We must remember that this is a Third-World largely defenseless population of 1.5 to 1.7 million people here in Gaza, in a tiny area the size of Washington D.C. or the British Isles of Wight. We’re seeing a real use of reckless, disproportionate violence inflicted on the Gazan population and in these last hours and days.
The difference between the 2008 Israeli/Gaza war, Harry further comments, is that this time the Gazan people feel that the Palestinian resistance is helping to defend them from the Israeli aggressions whereas in 2008, they felt abandoned.
With these attacks on Israel, with these missiles, et cetera, we’re hearing Gazan people here, who I’ve spoken to, saying ‘we feel Israel is being repelled and we are now being protected by these retaliatory strikes on Israel
Carol Gould comments that viewers should take into account that the Netanyahu Lehud government is a right wing party and that their response to rocket attacks would be via military action. If the government was run by a Labour party, perhaps the path would be to go through the UN. She further says that she is surprised that there are no statements from the US. Nothing from Obama, Hilary Clinton, or the EU. She says,
This seems to be an event that has taken the White House by surprise. It would be nice to know that there is some effort being made by the powers, the US, Britain or Europe to stop the violence on both sides. There is no point for this violence… on either side.
Sarah Flounder says that it is important to recognize that there was a briefing on Monday, the day before the attacks with the White House. She is quick to point out that the agricultural lands in Gaza were bombed by Israel after the Israeli settlers pulled out of Gaza in response to Carol Gould's earlier comment that Gaza had been flourishing when the Israeli settlers were still living in Gaza. She says,
These attacks would end immediately if the US or the White House in any way announced that they were going to cut off even a penny of US aid to Israel. Instead there was a Pentagon announcement that Israel is their partner and will re-up the aid to Israel. What is spent on this attack will be returned to them and more.
The final message from Fear:
The message I want to send to people is very clear, that every single person has a responsibility of some size towards the Gazan people as fellow human beings who can witness the insanity of Israeli violence being inflicted on this third-world population here who are largely defenseless, as I said before.
Everyone needs to contact their democratically elected representatives to put pressure on them to put pressure on their governments to put pressure on the Israeli government to back off this assault on the Gaza Strip.

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