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Declassified CIA Report Exposes Crimes Against Humanity By The Soviets

By Dave Hamilton
Posted Nov 16, 2012 in World
"Go out and find the Truth" - Julian Assange. Sometimes truth is hidden in past history already revealed. History that has been forgotten for years. Today the truth will be revealed about one of the most horrific War Crimes and Genocide in history. A declassified CIA report will expose this War Crime committed in 1979 by the Soviets. The report will also reveal the shocking truth behind this War Crime.
A declassified document by the CIA reveals the hidden truth of the Afghanistan/Soviet war. Document can be found via my account on Scribd here, (Page 22, Chemical Warfare In Afghanistan). The war between Afghanistan and the Soviets started in 1979 when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Although the Soviets claim they were there to fulfill their duty as stated in the "Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good Neighborliness of 1978." The Soviets suspected that Hafizullah Amin, president of Afghanistan at the time, was not loyal to the Soviets. Afghanistan was also seen as a threat to the central part of Asia that was Soviet. December 22, 1979, Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan, took over Kabul, and disabled all communications links. December 27, 1979, 700 Soviet troops, disguised as Afghanistan troops took over major government and military buildings in Kabul. Soviet troops entered Tajbeg Palace, killed Hafizullah Amin and his to sons. Soviet occupation/war would last 10 years. The CIA declassified report will reveal that to win this war, the Soviets would resort to Chemical Warfare thus committing a major, horrific, War Crime.
Supporting evidence, revealing this horrific War Crime by the Soviets will now be examined. The report speculates the even before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, chemical weapons may have been used. Analysis of all the evidence that chemical attacks have been conducted. The chemicals used in the attacks were irritants, incapacitants, nerve agents, and phosgene oxime. There is also a high probability that trichothecene toxins, mustard, lewsite, and unidentified toxic smokes were used against the resistance and afghan villages. Medical symptoms reported by victims and witnesses of the attacks confirmed this. A total of 47 separate chemical warfare attacks against the resistance and villages were reported by resistance fighters, Afghan Army Officials, journalist and medical experts from the United States, Afghanistan, Germany, and France. The chemical warfare attacks as a whole killed a minimum of 3,042 resistance fighters. We must take into account also how many civilians were affected by the chemical warfare of the Soviets? The document does not mention civilian casualties from the chemical warfare attacks. The method of delivery the Soviets used were fixed-winged aircraft and helicopters. These aircraft and helicopters would disseminate the chemical agents via rockets, bombs, and sprays. The Soviets also used chemical filled landmines. Persons name [Redacted] in document, indicated that Soviet Chemical Warfare may have started seven months before Soviet invasion on May 31st, 1979. August 21st, 1980, Soviet aircraft reportedly waged a chemical attack, on two separate occasions, on a village near Herat killing 300 insurgents and their sympathizers. Chemical filled landmines were also reportedly used by the Soviets. The sympathizers were most likely civilians. How many women and children were killed in these horrific, inhumane, chemical warfare attacks?
A further report indicates that Afghan and Soviet units used helicopters to disseminate poisonous gas causing horrific, inhumane deaths. As stated in the document, an afghan civil engineer described attacks in August of 1979 by MIG-19 or SU-17 aircraft. The Afghan civil engineer further stated that about 2,000 died from this attack at an undisclosed location. Afghan engineer then states that he personally witnessed a large number of deceased with their bones exposed. The deceased also had open wounds that appeared to be caused by acid. January 13th-19th, 1980, chemical bomb attacks occurred against insurgent forces near Feyzabad and Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. The bombs exploded in mid air. Vapor rained down. The vapor felt damp on the skin. Once inhaled, difficulty breathing occurred, nasal excretions intensified, vomiting would soon follow, then blindness, paralysis, and death. An unidentified resistance fighter, described as an expert on Soviet Ordinance and use of chemical weapons, stated to 10 U.S. embassy personnel, February 10, 1982, that the Soviet military is using irritants, hallucinogenic gas, and an apparent nerve gas. The resistance fighter described the nerve gas as off white powder, mainly dispersed via helicopters, and hard to detect. The resistance fighter then stated the chilling, horrific effects of this gas. He stated, victims of this gas attack felt faint, and dizzy. Subsequently the victims would vomit and begin to bleed from the eyes, nose, and mouth. The death rate was 70%. The dead are relaxed and the skin easily peels off when attempts are made to remove the bodies. 1980, mid January - February, Soviet helicopter attacks in northeast Afghanistan. The helicopters dispersed a greyish, blue, smoke. People affected by this chemical attack would develop watering of the eyes, extensive blistering, and discoloration of the skin. After awhile, affected people would then develop sheet like peeling of the skin, swelling affected by the blisters, and finally paralysis, numbness, and death.
The declassified CIA report has exposed the truth about the Afghanistan/Soviet War which began in December 1979 and ended February 1989. During this time period, the Soviets would commit one of the most horrific War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in history. There is a hidden shocking, horrific truth behind this horrific War Crime committed by the Soviets in Afghanistan. Proof of this is found within the declassified CIA report. The CIA declassified report states: chemical munitions used in these early attacks were referred to as "micro bombs" or "chemical bombs" and as stated in the document "were to be used to destroy Muslims". This provides proof that the Soviets were Anti-Muslim. Thus the Soviets not only committed a horrific War Crime, but they also used this war to cover up Genocide against Muslims. The Soviets claim they were protecting their interests in the central part of Asia. The truth has finally been exposed.
How many Afghan civilians were killed by Chemical Warfare? How many civilians suffered life long effects of Chemical Warfare? How many women and children were ruthlessly killed by these Chemical Warfare attacks? The answer to these questions are unknown. Imagine being a child of one of these Afghan villages outside playing. Now imagine helicopters releasing smoke or bombs that explode in mid-air. Now imagine those toxic chemicals released by the helicopters raining down upon the children. You can hear the children's screams as the chemicals burn their skin off. Picture a mother, holding her new born baby in her arms. Now picture that mother quivering, inside a hut with her new born child, trying to protect that precious baby from a Soviet chemical warfare attack.. Clearly the Soviets had no regard for precious, human life. The CIA declassified report has provided insight and helped expose the truth of the Afghanistan/Soviet War. The Soviets have committed one of the most horrific, covert, acts of Genocide in history. As a cover-up, the Soviets used the "Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good Neighborliness of 1978." to invade Afghanistan. The Soviets have yet to be addressed or face any condemnation about this horrific genocide. Truth has been revealed. More information/history on the Afghanistan/Soviet War can be found via Wikipedia here.

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