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Noisy ads

By Anne Sewell
Posted Nov 7, 2012 in Internet
Wow, there are a couple of really annoying Spanish ads that crop up fairly regularly here on DJ.
One plays Jingle Bells (and has done all year), and the other has a ticking clock which ends with an alarm going off.
Well, the advertisers are obviously going hell for leather right now, probably for Christmas, and I just had BOTH ads going at the same time on one page! Yes, Jingle Bells, plus a ticking clock, makes it quite hard to concentrate on reading. Anyway, I refreshed the page, which is what I normally do to get rid of the annoying sound, and ended up with two Jingle Bells ads going at once, one slightly ahead of the other. From then on every page I went to had one or other of the noisy ads.
This is not good for business when it comes to people visiting the site from Spain, that's for sure.
As refreshing doesn't seem to get rid of them, I now click on the ads, repeatedly. If its thought of as being spam, tough. At least the sound then stops.
Here's the jingle bells one:
Ad which plays Jingle Bells and comes up far too often lately.
Ad which plays Jingle Bells and comes up far too often lately.
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