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How To Select A Course That's In Line With Your Lifestyle

By James Sheehan
Posted Oct 31, 2012 in Lifestyle
The majority of university students arrive fresh from doing their A-Levels and are able to put practically all of their attention into their studies as they don't have many other commitments. However, many other people go to university at a time in their life when they have other priorities - they might be in employment or have to take care of their children for example. So how can you make sure that you've selected a course that can fit in with your lifestyle so you don't have to entirely sacrifice your existing obligations?
Part-time courses
If you can manage to take some time off from your job then a part-time course could be ideal. Many institutions offer most of their courses as part-time options that are pretty much identical in content to their full-time counterparts.
Enrol in a part-time course and you'll do fewer modules over the course of the semester. This means that you'll have fewer lectures to attend and fewer essays to write, allowing you the time you need to keep up with other responsibilities in the workplace or at home.
Of course, if you're doing fewer modules at any given time it'll take you longer to complete all the requirements of the class, but if you're not in a massive rush to get your qualification this shouldn't be a problem.
Distance learning
If you can't take regular time off work to attend lectures or you don't live close enough to an institution that can provide the qualifications you need, distance learning could is a great alternative to attending regular lectures on-site.
The most famous distance learning institution in the UK is the Open University, which has a very good reputation and has helped the BBC produce many of its top documentaries.
The range of courses on offer from the Open University is hard to beat with both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available as well as professional qualifications. In fact their continuing professional development courses (CPD) are designed to update and add to your skills in the workplace. From food science skills and travel planning to project management and clinical leadership skills, there is plenty on offer.
Although you need plenty of self-motivation to complete any course, there's always help at hand and usually the chance to spend a day or two at an academic site getting contact time with a professional in the field.
There are plenty of other universities that offer the option of distance learning including some of the most prestigious in the country such as Oxford University. The courses on offer at ever institution is different, so check with them directly to see if they offer what you're after.
Teach yourself a new trick
There's no reason why you can't better your employment or promotion prospects through educational courses, regardless of your lifestyle. Universities are more aware than ever about the needs of potential students and try to be as accommodating as possible. With nothing to hold you back what are you waiting for?

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