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Do we really need to be so gory and revolting?

By Hans Smedbol
Posted Oct 27, 2012 in Lifestyle
Do we REALLY need to be quite so gory on our display photo...i find that picture of the "zombie" lady covered in blood to be gratuitously violent, and offensive, not to mention revolting. I do not think we should be glorifying Zombies, or murderous acts for that matter. i have a hard time looking at the section just beside the picture because the picture is too horrifying and revolting.... i wonder if someone might put another of the pics highlighted for today...,i do have a hard time with it....couldn't be a surgeon....all the blood and cut up body parts, and I'd by like "Doc Martin" the British comedy's doc. who was a surgeon until he suddenly conceived a horror, and accompanying nausea for blood and bloody wounds....

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