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The Bloody Mary Club by Debbie Dyke

By T Gleichner
Posted Oct 26, 2012 in Entertainment
Debbie Dyke has recently written a novel, The Bloody Mary Club. I asked her if she would mind talking a little more about the book, and telling what it was about. After all, with a name like that it could fall into a few different categories. Here is what she had to say:
The Bloody Mary Club novel is based on my script optioned by a Hollywood Production company for an Emmy-winning actress. Of course, being an asset type of gal, I took the money and bought a mink coat! It was the only sensible thing to do with crazy Hollywood money. The Bloody Mary Club came inches from becoming a TV series. After seeing the waist high stacks of scripts in the producer’s office that were ‘in development’-- I took charge and turned my script into a novel. My inspiration for this novel came to me in many steps. I’ve always been interest in the stock market and the idea of an all-woman investment club was the hook. I added the Bloody Mary Drink learning about the historic origins of the words ‘bloody mary’ from colonial times in Alexandria.
The Bloody Mary Club, isn’t just about the four ladies drinking made-to-order Bloody Marys -- the words “Bloody Mary’’ originated in colonial times in Alexandria. As the story is told here in Old Town, Mary was a famous prostitute during the colonial era and was found murdered. Her body was kept on ice at the Ice House until her next of kin could be found. Since ice was a precious commodity, the slab of ice that she rested on was delivered to Gadsby’s Tavern where it was chopped up and thrown in everyone’s drink. On the night of her funeral, the bar crowd lifted their mugs and gave a special toast: “To, bloody, bloody Mary!” It was rumored that George Washington was in attendance. In my novel, the all woman investment club meet at Gadsby’s tavern and drink their made-to-order Bloody Marys while discussing the next hot investment.
My inspiration to write The Bloody Mary Club came to me in many ways. I’ve always been interested in the stock market and the idea of an all-woman investment club was my hook. I added the Bloody Mary Drink after hearing about its historical tie to Alexandria. It was a convergence of ideas and I knew I had to write this story. My first medium was in script format but it felt limited with just dialog and scene settings. It felt like an abbreviated version of the story in my head. When I wrote the novel the characters came to live. I knew it was meant to be a novel. I am very passionate about the stock market and investments. I’m fascinated by the recent Ponzi schemes and financial scams that have been reported in the front page news. I’ve watched the bank meltdowns with great interest. As a former stockbroker, I’ve met a few embezzlers and worked with several bad brokers who’ve run away with client’s money. It always amazes me that even the rich and mighty get taken in by complicated financial schemes and are so trusting of their financial advisors. Once you’ve hooked a big fish, the rest will come. The rich refer their rich friends and it just grows from there.
Having money, gives you power. However, I’m not interested in writing about how the 1% lives and consumes their wealth. I write novels of financial intrigue and how it relates to us on personal level. After reading The Bloody Mary Club, I hope that the reader will realize that even the fat cats top get ripped off and that there are no get rich quick shortcuts. In the era of self-directed IRA’s everyone is responsible for their financial future and you must make wise investment decisions. We need to be savvy investors. There is no easy money or guarantees to double your return. I also like to touch on the complicated feelings about money and self worth. What happens to friendship when the well-heeled rub elbows with the not so fortunate? What happens when the high net worth individual looses their money and in now scraping by? It is always juicy to write about the ‘haves’ and the ‘haven-not’s.’ I always say people lie about two things: sex and money. I prefer to explore what money (not sex) or lack of it does to people and what lengths they will go through to get it. Fifty Shades of Grey does a darn good job of covering the sex side of things! I’ll stick to what I know -- the money side of things!

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