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How you can listen to movies online, free and seamless

By David Silverberg
Posted Oct 25, 2012 in Internet
While this site has been around for awhile, I only just recently heard of The site has a massive database of a movie's audio track, meaning you can click on any movie and just listen to the audio, including the soundtrack during the flick, the dialogue, the background noise, etc.
So wait, why would you want to listen to a film instead of watch it? First, you have to pay to watch a full movie these days, unless you prefer streaming websites or torrents. Second, sometimes you want a movie playing in the background instead of having to watch it. Perfect for the multi-tasker who is, say, programming code and listening to the sharp dialogue of Glengarry Glen Ross in the background. (Can't go wrong with Alec Baldwin's monologue).
The site's Facebook Page says, "...there is something to be said for just listening to a movie. Some films take on a whole different color when listened to."
The site's database is impressive. Everything from Evil Dead to Monty Python's Life of Brian, from recent additions Bridesmaids to legends such as Casablanca.
You simply click on the movie you want to check out and the player begins streaming the audio immediately. You can pause, fast-forward, rewind, all using a simple radio-style player. It's interesting they added a Stealth Mode button which overlays a spreadsheet table over the player, in case you don't want your boss discovering your audio-movie habits.
The site also includes a folder of TV shows' audio files, but the list isn't as exhaustive as the movies'. There's X-Files, classic Star Trek, Arrested Development and only the later seasons of Seinfeld, for example.
What films or TV shows do you just want to listen to, sans visuals?