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Daniel Ellsberg's Blistering Attack on Obama

By Brian Good
Posted Oct 21, 2012 in Politics
Daniel Ellsberg, famous Vietnam-war-era whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers, and the subject of the recent film "The Most Dangerous Man in America", said what needed to be said about Obama in Commondreams recently.
"A tool of Wall Street, a man who’s decriminalized torture and is still complicit in it, a drone assassin, someone who’s launched an unconstitutional war, supports kidnapping and indefinite detention without trial, and has prosecuted more whistleblowers like myself than all previous presidents put together. . . . It’s entirely appropriate to be enraged at Barack Obama. As I am. He has often acted outrageously, not merely timidly or 'disappointingly.' If impeachment were politically imaginable on constitutional grounds, he’s earned it."
But Romney is worse, Ellsberg says, so he wishes that progressive should put energy into work to "encourage citizens in swing states to vote against a Romney victory" and vote for Obama in those swing states.
I am not a lawyer, but I believe Principle VII of the Nuremberg Principles to be clear enough for me to conclude that campaigning for the electoral victory of a war criminal is complicity in his crimes, so I'm not going to take Dr. Ellsberg's advice. Instead I intend to put my energies into encouraging everyone in non-swing states to vote 3rd Party to express their displeasure with a false Obamney/Rombama choice.
Those who are so afraid of Romney that they feel compelled to vote for Obama I urge to support impeachment efforts as soon as the election is completed. Win or lose, Obama must be impeached to restore the rule of law, accountability, and any moral authority that the Democratic Party (and the USA) once may have had.

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