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"Double down" Toronto

By Angelo Diplacido
Posted Oct 19, 2012 in Entertainment
Toronto's new casino seems to be more than a sure thing. The sure thing is that it will generate much needed revenue for the city. My question is will Toronto double down and bet on itself as a 'World class city" with the other half of the equation to compliment the waterfront. Something for the other side of life that resembles Grant park in Chicago. A piazza on a grand scale, a "Place to be" for outdoor events, or an extended boardwalk. Personally , I would love to see a bridge over to the island with bike rentals. Or, is it all about the Bucks. Will Toronto choose to define itself as "The mistake by the lake" or the "cliche by the bay"? They need to give something back to tourists and they need to cover a few categories of family entertainment and enjoyment. A Casino/entertainment centre is not such a special thing. They are quite plentiful on Ontario"s landscape these days. People visiting Toronto may take advantage of the facilities by happenstance but, nobody will ever utter the phrase "We have got to plan a trip to Toronto for they have The world famous 'casino". The brunt of there revenue will likely come from the local economy. Magnificence comes at a price and isn't a photocopy of that other great big thing down the road.

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