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Ethics in NHL Lockout

By Chris Mihailoff
Posted Oct 18, 2012 in Sports
The lockout is killing me as a proud Canadian hockey fan. I remember still the devastating effects of the last time we missed a year of hockey on the fans and on the sports market and unfortunately we will most likely have to endure that pain again.
Gary Bettman and the NHL, it is being reported by TSN, are offering the players %50 of the revenue.
The age old question that always arises is: who is at fault and aren't the owners/players too greedy?
I think the simple answer is that greediness may or may not exist here, but both sides should not be looked upon negatively for what they are doing: it is simply a business.
What should happen, though, is that fans should realize that if they can watch games from home for a relatively low cost they should demand lower ticket prices.
Meanwhile, owners of CHL and AHL teams will very pleased, as will those who will now be able to spend their season ticket money on other activities.

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