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Highways to nowhere

By Angelo Diplacido
Posted Oct 15, 2012 in Health
Kind of odd that i would need to post this under health but when looking at the categories , I found that it encompassed most of the categories . "Arteries" is a word that's used often when reporting on gridlock in Toronto. An accurate assimilation . Like the arteries in our bodies , The ability for blood to flow freely is critical to good health. Toronto is not in good health and it would seem that we have run out of places to relieve pressure...or have we?
The last relief highway project was the 407 which allowed for traffic to bypass the 401. It remains incomplete from the east and the access to it requires one to travel north from Oshawa. The 427 and 404 remain incomplete . They travel to nowhere . The 404 should connect to Highway #11 on the north side of Lake Simcoe or to the 400. Where as the 427 should connect to the 400 before Barrie . This would bleed off all North , south traffic to their perspective corners of Toronto. I'm sure the 407 would be none to happy about the flushing of that chunk of revenue to adjacent highways. Coincidentally, the completion of these connections ceased about the same time that the 407 arrived.
We have HOV lanes which, unlike Boston , do not take you to the city core but rather to the next bottleneck. Drivers also abuse the HOV's by assuming everyone should be travelling at 130kph. They do nothing to relieve pressure. They simply move it to a different location.
The 4 lanes to North Bay and Sudbury is still a work in progress as is the 6 lanes to Quebec and Windsor. Over the decades , there have been a patchwork of add-ons but nothing that can accommodate week-end or holiday traffic. Although we see a lot of construction every season , it is for the most part, all I see is road grinding and repaving.
Every American and European city owns their by-pass highways . Atlanta ,GA . has a 100 km by-pass 8 lanes wide . If there were any thoughts about the people that live, work, play, and commute in Ontario, It would have been done 20 years ago. To add insult to injury, Montreal will soon be opening Highway #30 which will allow Trans-Canada traffic from the east to by-pass the city completely and land in Dorion ,PQ. A mere 22 kms from the Ontario border.
How it wains on our health is endless. From stress internally to the external inability to achieve a safe following distance. Of Course , driver error has a role in the outcomes but, it would help if Ontario had the proper tools in place first.

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