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Paul Ryan lost the debate ... with a sigh

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Oct 12, 2012 in Politics
Thursday October 12th, 2012. — The debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President wanna be Paul Ryan was a verbal match. Unlike President Barack Obama, Joe Biden called out Ryan's inconsistencies with non-verbals and some louder laughs. At one point he threw his arms up in the air showing how the GOP is suddenly so concerned about the enormous deficit they built themselves during the George W. Bush administration. Biden's behavior regarding the Ryan comment "we love to be bi-partisan" was interpreted as "you gotta be kidding me" as the GOP nickname is now "the Grand Obstructionist Party" though excessive filibustering.
Biden "won" this debate, or so they say. Ryan held his own despite being anxiety ridden and drinking enough water to run his next marathon. But all said and done, the verbal sparring was animated and fun to watch.
Yet, Ryan lost the debate by "what he did not say". Martha Raddatz, who moderated with intelligence and decisive actions, asked Ryan whether Romney - Ryan ticket would pursue their aggressive stance on abortion bans.
Ryan listened intently, his forehead muscles tightened as his anxiety increased. Then he took a deep breath and sighed out loud while looking down to the right. For a right hander this means he is checking his emotional memory files and normally means that he does not like the subject matter.
And that sigh and negative emotion is where he lost the debate and potentially the elections. The emotion was difficult because he had to tell the Nation what we don't want to hear. "Yes, we will enforce as I believe that person hood starts at conception".
A woman's right to choose how to move forward with an unplanned pregnancy is not just an emotional one. It is also a socio-economic issue which affect women and men.
After all, both the male and female 18 year olds are financially affected. It takes an estimated $250,000 to raise a child and is what both parents need to come up with. Therefore, males are also very much affected by abortion bans as well and they will vote accordingly.
Never mind other potential consequences which are seen frequently as well. Two 18 year olds not being ready to be parents or worse, having a child they don't even want.
Or the father not taking responsibility and leaving it all up to a single mother who now has limited opportunity to climb the economic ladder and might become dependent on social services. Never mind the child walking around with the notion "dad never wanted me" with resentful thoughts in their adolescence.
The abortion issue has been and still is a hard fought debate based on religion and emotion. Yet, as a Nation, we need to add socio-economics and the parents abiltiy to raise a child into the equation.
Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice is a decision we all have to make for ourselves. Yet, I suggest we look at the consequences of your choice.
Romney - Ryan
Obama - Biden.
What is your pick?

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