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Virgil's Root Beer is among the best

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Oct 11, 2012 in Food
While shopping at Whole Foods the other day, this reporter stumbled stumbled across "Virgil's Root Beer." Of course, it helped that a four pack was on sale. That enticed me even more. Yet when the store clerk told me that it was "micro-brewed" and that it has all natural ingredients, I was sold.
For me Virgil's Root Beer has that authentic old time taste in the tradition of Sarsaparilla which some say Root Beer is derived from.
Virgil's rich creamy texture and flavorful taste is very gratifying. It is one of those really special soft drinks that you want to have with a really good sandwich or meal. Something like a fresh-made pizza or a perhaps a meal with friends. Virgil's has that kind of high quality to it.
This for me was not a drink to guzzle. It is something to savor and enjoy. I recommend serving it chilled, preferably in a frosted mug. Ice is okay but like a good ale or beer it should be served in a chilled mug. For me Virgil's Root Beer is so delicious. I am eager to try the other all-natural soft drinks Virgil's offers such as Cream Soda, Real Cola and "Dr. Better."
Apparently there are "special editions" of this brand of soft drink. Will have to try one if I find it. Meanwhile, I am not alone in becoming a fan of this drink.