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By Elizabeth Hubbard
Posted Oct 11, 2012 in Entertainment
So, we have some catching up to do. The majority of Americans have been seemingly blind and deaf to World News for quite some part of forever. I myself have not been up on the latest in well, forever. The good news though is that I am an Education Specialist, so I think I can catch everybody up quickly and efficiently. That’s probably why my job as a resource specialist teacher helping children with disabilities wasn’t valued and turned into detention duty and paperwork duty and my eventually becoming a target to be removed from the system. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the teaching world. That is ok though, because I teach better with the world as my classroom.
Ok, enough about me, we need to get caught up on what’s going on. One of the biggest stories is about Syria, Turkey, Russia, and the USA. Apparently Syria and Turkey have been having very strained relations lately, on the brink of military and war stuff happening, and there have been some instances where “boundaries” are being questioned. Not land boundaries, but getting along with all your neighbors and being a good kid in general kind of boundaries. So there was this plane flying out of Turkey and into Syria and there just so happened to be some Russians aboard. The Turks used force to ground the plane (they said that they were playing nice, Syria thinks they were too forceful and is hurt and nervous and wants support from other countries against Turkey) and they boarded the plane. The Turks said that they had every right to force this plane to land and board it and search it.
The Syrians were angry because they considered it air piracy and were upset that Turkey seemed to be flagrantly violating some agreements that had previously been set in place to avoid stuff like this happening. Russia spoke up and said, “we had 17 citizens on board, what the hell were you thinking? “ Turkey said, “no, you don’t understand, its alright. We were told they had weapons on board and they aren’t allowed to have weapons, so we were allowed to do whatever we had to do to intervene. Besides, we treated the Russians and the other people nicely while they had to wait around for us to search the plane, no big deal”. Russia said, “Yes it is a big deal, and we are still waiting for a proper explanation.” Meanwhile , the US has been hanging out with the Syrians and John McCain said, according to my source at the BBC News, that the US should intervene in Syria, to help create safe zones and get arms and support to the anti-Assad rebels. I cut and paste that last line from the BBC website, so lets give credit where credit is due, I forget about APA and MLA and all that, but I can copy a weblink, so here it is:
No, I am not joking here. I really am that stupid. Thanks America for the awesome college education and letting me teach your students.
Here is a mega quote from the same website article cited above:
The countries in the region were "crying out for American leadership" on Syria, he (McCain) told the BBC, but he dismissed the idea of sending US troops into Syria.
On Wednesday, the US confirmed that it had a military task force working in Jordan, helping to plan for a potential regional escalation of the Syrian conflict and in monitoring the security of Syria's chemical and biological weapons.
So apparently America is over there monitoring things and planning its best course of action. Lets hope that they are guided by the spirit of Peace and Justice and Philadelphia. That means brotherly love, right? Let’s certainly hope so. I aim on finding out more about America from a global perspective as we start and continue this journey on this blog of ours. I feel a little bit nervous, but hope for the best and that we are all on the up and up. You know what I am saying? Yeah, you feel me. LOL
Anyway, the biggest issue here is that there are conflicting statements on how the passengers, pilot(s?) and crew were treated and Russia and the US are getting a little bit closer, watching out for Syria as Turkey is asserting its own power as a sovereign and savy nation.
That’s the end of this little blog. Its probably a bunch of bullshit that wasn’t cited correctly or written just right, but that’s how this little American school teacher likes to write, so here I am and there you are and here we have it. Stay tuned for the next one. We are going to figure this out together, I promise. The Black Swan is signing off until the next BS report. :) Yeah, that’s a funny.

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