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Get Your Life Back In Control — Battling a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

By T Gleichner
Posted Oct 11, 2012 in Entertainment
Need a scientific map to navigate the medical maze for a breast cancer diagnosis that enables you to emerge absolutely stunning and get your life back in control?
The award winning book, Breast Cancer! You’re kidding…right? Living Life Through The Prism Of Uncertainty And Having A Good Time is the distilled essence of Catherine Doughty's cancer experience and the use of scientific methodology to assist in navigating the medical maze bringing clarification to treatment decisions in an uncertain decision space.
This is what she has to say:
I have condensed the subject matter into the smallest compass possible because, as everyone knows who has fallen into what I call the “Cosmic Cancer Bunny Hole,” conciseness, tools for clinical discussions with physicians, and precision in treatment scenario planning is of the greatest assistance in decision making.
Once you have heard the three little words, “You have cancer!” The first thing that needs to be realized is a fact of fundamental importance, and that is uncertainty. Because it means breaking away from all of the ordinary predispositions of thought you were living with and reconstructing a new phase of your life. You also need to give yourself some room to understand the absolutely fresh new scale of values which the prism of uncertainty presents to you. After you get a hold of uncertainty as the true reality for everyone, it is the sexiest way to live and, every day you will have a rocking hot good time!
In the beginning, don’t imagine that you can assimilate a breast cancer diagnosis, what you will or won’t accept in the treatment planning stages and all that it contains in one or two clinical visits with your surgeon, oncologist or other subject matter experts, or in one or two readings. You need strategy to navigate the medical maze and fast. You should review your reports and go over your options again and again with your physicians until you have thoroughly grasped the magnitude of the treatment plans you are willing to consent to because it is you who will live with the aftermath of every clinical decision carried out.
I designed the book with the principles and elements for success, in response to the emergency requests I received from all the cancer patients who I coached voluntarily. So often, they had been crying for days and weeks at a time and they all had the same question, “Where do I begin to unravel this, and where do I start?” Hence, the birth of the book, which is loaded with thought provoking strategy to assist anyone with any stage of breast cancer emerge stunning, and get their life back in control while learning how to make decisions in an uncertain decision space and live their life through the prism of uncertainty. The fascination lies in the simplicity and pure scientific methodology used to provide a complete step by step guide inclusive of discussion documents, clinical consultation worksheets, criteria solution matrices and treatment scenario planning which is critical to a successful outcome.
The book is literally pulling the curtain back and getting the word out there that there is a clear cut strategy for anyone with any stage of breast cancer needing treatment planning that is on the merits and works with life threatening and lifesaving clinical decision making in uncertain decision spaces to minimize the risk for recurrence. The book provides perspective and a practical method for selecting an appropriate treatment plan that is right for you.
Honestly, you will be on the edge of your seat with every single word in this book. It captures the reader from beginning to end, and makes them want to live their life through the prism of uncertainty and have one rocking hot good time. This is an adrenaline thrill ride from start to finish, that you cannot put down.

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