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See's Walnut square bars are truly "Awesome!"

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Oct 10, 2012 in Food
Autumn time brings with it the flavors of harvest, apples, cranberries, pumpkin, almonds, pecans and walnuts among other things. Nuts are a good snack food and it is no wonder that nut growers are taking advantage of the almond milk and various nut butter food craze that is growing. Yet, while almonds, pecans and peanuts have always taken a spotlight in the market, this reporter thinks that walnuts are very close behind.
Walnuts have a flavor and texture that is delicious and as some health nutritionists point out are filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Not too long ago I discovered the "Awesome Walnut Square Bar" by See's Candies.
Being not too far from the See's manufacturing and distribution center in South San Francisco, along the San Francisco Peninsula it is easy for this reporter to stop in. The aroma of fresh made candy is always alluring. And, while all See's stores and outlets are eager to give out sample pieces of their wonderfully fresh confections, I always look for the best value for the money.
Just about everything See's makes is wonderful. Yet I aways gravitate towards the nuts and chocolate. My favorite is the "Awesome Walnut Square Bar." And, it seems this reporter is in good company, the reviews affirm the experience.
And, just recently I introduced my chiropractor to this deliciously gratifying snack. For me, the bar has the right balance of walnuts chocolate and nougat. It is not too sweet and not too much nougat either. The fresh flavor of chocolate and walnuts for me really emanates. See's uses only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients. While there are other bars out there, especially at a lower price and with different combinations, such as peanuts and chocolate; few can match this creation by See's, I think.
And, still how many out there are made of whole walnuts? Very few, I might add. So, if wondering around the Peninsula of San Francisco, stop by the See's Candies outlet on El Camino Real.