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Social Media - Too Revealing?

By Donald Quinn
Posted Oct 2, 2012 in Lifestyle
Social media is one of the most prominent features in life today and it seems like there is no time when we are no involved with our friends at some level.
We are constantly in communication with our friends, our relatives, and random other people who find their way onto our friends list through some connection or another. To keep up with this entire social media or the social circus as I like to call it, we spend a large amount of time on our computers or phones smart or otherwise.
The question that has often been raised in my mind is how much information is too much information when we are sharing it with the world. Recently I posted a bunch of pictures of my two kids on a trip to the East Coast and received a large number of likes and comments from people who, quite frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted idly looking through photographs of my family.
Subsequently I went through and deleted a ton of people who were simply not friends and in an instance my “friends” list went from one hundred and thirty to less than eighty.
When protecting our information “it is important to remember that few things are fool proof when it comes to online activities” – Law Offices of Charles R. Ullman
Following this activity the next question was how much information is too much information, and what pictures did I simply post on the spur of the moment and really didn’t want floating about in the public domain. Pictures of me in swimwear quickly disappeared, Hawaii was nice but nobody wants to really see that. Pictures of my children went significantly, photographs of bars and restaurants also went away for the need to maintain a good reputation was paramount in my mind. Entire albums of me being completely silly and not representing myself in the best possible light had to be taken down and after it was all done, all of a sudden my profile was a lot smaller and a lot less revealing.
We are social creatures who are driven naturally to share with our fellow man. Unfortunately often things can get out of hand when it is as easy as the push of a button to share information and get attention. Perhaps it is just me or perhaps we as a society have lost our ability to communicate in person, preferring instead to hide behind postings and pictures that reveal portions of us that we prefer to show. The question is are we truly revealing ourselves in the best light?