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Dining at Ontario's Deerhurst Resort

By David Silverberg
Posted Oct 1, 2012 in Food
I recently had the good fortune to be invited to the Muskoka NorthWords Literary Festival in Huntsville, Ontario, and was asked to perform some spoken word at a gala dinner at the gorgeous Deerhurst Resort.
This sprawling hotel and event centre is truly awe-inspiring, but the art and design inside Deerhurst is for another post. Now, I just want to share with the fine dining I enjoyed courtesy of its Eclipse restaurant.
First, I was treated to a delicious and not-too-salty butternut squash soup, light enough to get my palate kicking. I almost asked for seconds before realizing the main course would be very filling.
The entree was bacon-wrapped steak sided with fluffy mashed potatoes and sparse veggies. The mashed 'taters were great, but not spectacular, although the main was mouth-watering: the bacon hugged the steak without being too overwhelming, and I found the steak to be cooked medium-rare, my perfect setting. Very juicy and nicely spiced. Thing is, I could only manage to eat one and a half of the round steaks, I was that full.
I also knew dessert was on its way. A light chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and strawberries added the perfect sweet note to end this spectacular dinner. I was happy to enjoy a lighter dessert than something heavy, like pie or cake.
Butternut squash soup at Deerhurst Resort in Ontario
Butternut squash soup at Deerhurst Resort in Ontario
Can't say enough good things about the food at Deerhurst, so if anyone has a chance to travel north to Huntsville for a weekend, be sure to stop at Eclipse for some spectacular dining.
Chocolate mousse at Deerhurst Resort in Ontario
Chocolate mousse at Deerhurst Resort in Ontario

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