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Emmy ratings up over last year

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Sep 24, 2012 in Entertainment
Some sources came out the box offering up headlines about Emmy ratings being down, but a second look is needed. Second for them, a first look right here.
Those early reports were all ready to blast off with news that viewership was down. But, the ratings were up over last year. What is happening over the past few months (since the political conventions) is a hard look at the demos. This has always been something studios, advertisers and networks look at, but now it is becoming mainstream more and more.
And it is quite deceiving. That could really be noted when Honey Boo Boo was said to have beaten speeches at the conventions. But the truth is closer to this. In a demo, she did, but overall, no way.
More on that later. The Emmy Awards saw an increase in viewership over last year, but down in the demo 24-49, from last year. But in that demo, it was the highest on ABC since the Oscars, in February.
When going against football, nothing has a chance, but The Emmys held their own. The NFL is off to a great start this year, all across the board.
For ABC, it was a 13.2 million average for the Emmys, which is not bad at all. The game averaged 21.4 million.
One item that may start picking up steam as viewers and attention spans continue to take us all elsewhere, came this one. It gets used for sports telecasts often. It is all about people tuning in for a certain portion, then leaving. Here it goes: ABC research estimates that 31 million unique viewers tuned in to at least some portion of the telecast (viewers that watched six minutes or more of the show).
As for this Honey Boo Boo character. She peaks at 2-3 million a week and that is big on cable, but by no means, is that huge across the board. Here is the news about those convention ratings. She was able to score big among those demos of 18-34 and 18-49, among women. The show continues to find success in that age group. But, overall, the ratings did not beat the convention. The show doesn't even rank in the top 15 for all cable shows - YET.
For example, for typical weekly cable ratings, go here. It shows No. 15 had 3.7 million and it beats Honey Boo Boo. Again, it is the demos that draws the headlines for that show.

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