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Societal diversity

By Chris James
Posted Sep 24, 2012 in Politics
A very big subject, with very complicated areas. One I hope to just softly, touch upon and lightly share my opinion without causing any uproar. For I feel that people are often clouded by their opinion, and cannot see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Without trying to insult. So without further ado.
On diversity, our society is fundamentally flawed. Sadly it isn't a problem that can be conceptually solved without lawlessness. The problem itself being, that people develop differing opinions as their lives evolve. It may be on something so trivial as liking or disliking Coronation Street, or something as important as immigration laws. People differ, it is the way of things. Yet our society cannot function without set rules and disciplines to hold it together. This creates a great rift as people disagree with laws and rules, and do not follow them. A classic example being the home-growing of Marijuana for personal use. It is hard to see how it is harming others. (I shall express no opinion on the matter) yet it is banned as a controlled substance. It is banned because people in a position of power decided it should be so, simply making their opinion, and impressing it upon others. This leaves the home-grower with his opinion suddenly in the lurch. He is not in the wrong, neither is he right, but he faces punishment for his alternative opinion. A sad day for intelligent though indeed, and yet, if this changes, someone with a differing opinion on something much more important will appear on his own prerogative to take granted freedoms to opinion too far.
This is the greatest fundamental flaw of the world we live in, there is no true freedom of expression, without great sacrifice, unless you find yourself in a position of power. To the woe of everyone else. I ask the world to please remember, that no matter how much you feel something you have an opinion on is fact. It is, after all just an opinion, and if we cannot solve these problems in our own back garden. How in any form are we to appreciate and take on board the wildly different opinions of visitors from different areas of the world?

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