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I have no money

By Chris James
Posted Sep 23, 2012 in Business
So, a few of weeks ago, after a particularly horrific day of work, I left my job. For any possible libelous purposes, I shall not be disclosing much in the way of info about it. Suffice to say, physically, it was a nightmare, and I hated every part of it. Now that in turn has come back to bite me in the proverbial ass, because I have ran out of money, and for someone who isn't incredibly well qualified, such as myself. Looking for a job that doesn't involve carrying ridiculous amounts of heavy items, standing up all day, or asking if someone would like fries with their milkshake, is an absolutely fruitless task. One, of which I am exhausted.
Through a matter of course, the idea then presents itself to take an apprenticeship, unfortunately these options are woefully underdeveloped, and the option then becomes "take an unpaid/underpaid position here for a year, and receive a job that is a slightly different type of manual work", complete with a "no guarantees of a job upon completion" sticker, and you are ready to toil. No thank you. I ask you, universe, how do you cope with the society we live in?

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