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Types of charity job roles

By Katharina Jones
Posted Sep 22, 2012 in Lifestyle
Most people search for a good salary or potential future prospects when looking for a job, but it takes a special kind of person to work for a charity. NPO roles may often be underpaid when compared to other careers, although the satisfaction that comes from performing your job well and making a genuine difference in people's lives is worth the cut in salary. There are a range of different charity jobs, with each requiring a different set of skills.
Graduate Roles
As the name suggests, these positions are usually filled by people who come straight from university and are looking for work experience. The vast majority of these roles are unpaid, although if you are lucky you may work for a charity that is willing to cover certain expenses such as your travel - however, these are the exception rather than the rule.
Graduates may be used for a range of tasks including collecting donations and simple admin, although the majority of charities don't run graduate schemes. Those that do receive hundreds of applications from potential graduates, and for good reason - working at a charity looks good on a CV as it shows an employer you are willing to work for a cause you believe in without being motivated by money.
Charity Fundraiser
This role is one of the more typical jobs for a first time charity employee. Charity fundraisers are, unsurprisingly, given the responsibility of generating funds for the charity. This may include liaising with an existing list of potential donors or 'cold calling' other companies to try and sponsor your charity or its particular events.
Charity fundraiser positions are a good starting point for those looking for a career in public relations and marketing. They are also impressive on a CV as they show that you have the good people skills required to generate funds from a charity and have the ability to promote yourself and the organisation you work for.
Charity officer
Charity officers work more 'behind the scenes', taking care of the general day to day running of the charity. Administrative procedures are the core element of this role, with officers taking charge of things such as commissioning reports, creating budgets and evaluating the progress of charitable initiatives.
The career path of a charity officer usually sees them start as a volunteer before becoming a project assistant, assistant project officer, a project officer and then a charity officer. Having this role on the CV highlights that you are willing to work your way up the ladder to understand all roles in a particular company, while emphasising that you have all the skills needed to handle the important processes that keep a business running
There are also a host of other volunteering roles that charities hire for such as drivers, shop assistants, good volunteers and admin assistants, each of which show that you are willing to work hard on the ground level to aid the overall success of a business or organisation.

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