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Your Highness: dirty, lewd & misunderstood

By Chris James
Posted Sep 21, 2012 in Entertainment
This post is not a film review, so please, do not leave on the basis of the title, the reason for it will hopefully become clear. Anyway, for those of you that aren't aware "Your Highness" was a comedy film released in 2011 that received, shall we say, less than spectacular ratings. This apparently is due to it's overdone nature, and sarcastic delivery. To which a great deal of reviewers decided it was a poor effort, and slammed it.
Now, that said, allow me to tell you a story. In the beginning, (whatever your particular beliefs are) created jokes, and it was good. In time, jokes grew to be separated, and in some degrees, lorded over by those that believe a joke cannot be about certain subjects. Through the ages "non-pc" people have fought back, delivering as many dead baby jokes as possible. Recently though, their tact has changed, they joke now to see how much they can disturb the likes of their joke-masters, there is usually a butt to a good joke, hence why no one splits their sides at the jokes on Penguin bar wrappers, instead choosing to smile and inwardly say "yeaaahh" and now, the butt has become those that decided some jokes were over the top, because that affects them.
Going back to Your Highness, that is the true genius of the film, it provoked those that decided it was poor. Just look at the anger in any reviews on the Internet, that is it's exact intention, somewhere, secretly, Danny McBride is laughing, at everyone who decided that his film was only 2 stars out of 5.

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