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University woes for those that do not attend

By Chris James
Posted Sep 20, 2012 in Politics
The hour has come. The bell has rung. The time has finally arrived, everyone's bags are packed, their finances sorted, and the annoying change of "current location" on Facebook has been completed.
All of my friends are one by one disappearing to remote corners of the country to lead rich, fulfilled and interesting lives, studying everything that fascinates them about the world.
To the deep regret of us simpletons, whom not holding the keys to the metaphorical chest of inner knowledge, must now resign ourselves to the inevitable: spending the next 50 years doing a job that we are only marginally better at than any other drudge; whilst promising our friends of "uni addled" mind, and much greater life fulfillment, that "of course i'll see you at the weekend to catch up", whilst plotting your own eventual end because you really are sick of putting in the effort at something you don't really care for, with a boss that is an insult to your very existence.
But I digress. Sadly for those of us without the sheer willpower and ability to remember spoon fed fact, uni isn't an option, which means we're stuck doing everything else, until of course, something better comes along.