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Do Canadians care who votes?

By Gar Swaffar
Posted Sep 19, 2012 in Politics
The questions I keep asking myself are:
Do Canadians care who votes in their elections?
Do Canadians care who selects the members who will run for office?
And, does anyone care who donates money to the campaigns?
The reason I ask is that from a link on an article here at DJ, I went to the Liberal Party website, and it invited me to join as a member. So I did.
I entered all of my information - including my address in California. And in the notes section added an explanation that I lived in California, just to make really, really clear.
I got a confirmation back thanking me for joining in the election process...blah, blah, blah and blah.
I got a second email soon after asking what my "real" concerns were in the upcoming election. I sent them my concerns, again noting that I am a Californian.
Today, finally, we get to the real reason (perhaps) behind the lack of concern. The Money Pitch!
(note: Each time I registered to enter my response, the website tells me it doesn't recognize the address, and then gives the option of simply leaving it as is - in California.)
Gar --
In April 2013 you will choose our Leader.
But right now, you have another decision to make.
If you’re a Liberal who has watched our past Leaders savagely attacked in Conservative TV ads, you need to decide whether we will let it happen again.
Just $4 is all it takes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the person we choose as Leader.
The Strong Start Fund was set up so we could introduce the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada to Canadians on our terms in April 2013.
It’s supporters like you who will put those ads on the air. You’re all that stands between more attacks and realizing our movement’s vision of growth, hope and opportunity for all Canadians.
Click here to donate $4 -- just $1 after your tax credit -- using our secure form.
Or, if you prefer, call 1-800-701-7789 (9am – 5pm, ET).
Thank you.
Justin Trudeau