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Lohan in trouble again

By Tiffany Romine
Posted Sep 19, 2012 in Entertainment
Once again, Lindsay Lohan has found herself in trouble with the law. Her recent scruff with police stems from allegations of her running over (bumping) a pedestrian and leaving the scene. Lohan is well known for her repeating troubles with the law in the past. Her extensive record reaches back to as far as May 2007 where she was arrested in May for a DUI and later to be found in possession of cocaine. In July of 2007 she would be arrested once again for DUI and an additional citation for driving on a suspended license. 2010 would be her worst year as of now. In May 2010 she had a bench warrant placed for her for failure to appear at a court hearing.
The list goes on with her many in and out of trouble run ins as shown on Still the actress has yet to see any major jail time for any of the offenses she has. As Lohan is not the only entertainer of sorts, that has had a brush with the law and basically gotten a slap on the hand. It leaves the question to entertainers get the same punishment as any other Jane or John? In reality, some stars get worse punishment I do except that, than an ordinary individual would simply based on their celebrity status. Some see it as an opportunity to make an example out of the highly publicized individual and show the rest of the world they are serious about their laws and enforcing them.
The case that comes to mind for me would be Plaxico Burress who went from Super Bowl superstar for the New York Giants, to the recipient of a long jail sentence for a crime of stupidity to some extent. Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg with a concealed weapon while in a nightclub with some friends in New York. As a result, he was the subject to one of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. in New York and received a two year sentence. It was widely said that Plaxico received a much harsher sentence because of his celebrity status and the State wanted to make an example out of him and his conduct. However, the stories of celebrities receiving a leaner sentence out ways the harsher every day. When is enough, enough? I feel we need to stand up and make the punishments fit the crime. Welcoming any thought on this matter.

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