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Introduction to Marriage & Divorce Series

By Donald Quinn
Posted Sep 17, 2012 in Lifestyle
A divorce is perhaps one of the hardest things a person can go through. Let’s face it, unless the person you were married to was a complete and utter douche bag there going to be a large amount of pain and suffering associated with the separation. In cases where things just stop working, but a great love remains it can be even worse.
Love is a fickle beast, choosing at random whom to share itself with and making no logical decisions about the spending of our time and the giving of our hearts. Often we seek out people who are exactly like us to spend the rest of our lives with, others seek out complete opposites. In either case there are inherent risks that are associated with the art and science of giving out a heart and receiving one in return. If you are too much alike, you will be intimately aware of your own faults and find them more prominent in those of your spouse. If you seek out and mate with someone completely opposite, then the very things that make you different can create a lack of balance resulting from totally different approaches to life.
Often it can be the simplest things that drive us the craziest, like mowing the lawn every single Sunday. Or not mowing the lawn every single Sunday. Things like leaving the master bathroom door open or carelessly tossing the dish rag into the sink. We are creatures of incredible habit, whether we admit it or not, and the changes in our way of doing things or a disturbance in our chi are often flashpoints that lead to trouble in paradise.
When things get to a point of understanding that the marriage is over, it is perhaps wisest to bring in a seasoned and compassionate attorney. Divorce by its pure nature is one that causes anger, sadness, and a great deal of frustration towards the law. Mixed together this can prove to be a volatile mix, which is why one always recommends bringing in a third party to best serve you interests.
“Sometimes, one or both parties are just so angry they won’t agree to any reasonable settlement proposal and the case must be fought in court.” Tafelski Family Lawyer, Michigan
Further the law is often complex and can cause a lay person to stumble and misstep. Anger and emotion can make things even harder to deal with. This, among other reasons, is why divorce is such a complex process legally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of posts on marriage, communication, reasons we fail, divorce, and the importance of protecting yourself once divorce proceedings begin.

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