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New devices offset higher cigarette costs

By Mark Sutton
Posted Sep 17, 2012 in Health
Cigarette prices are on the rise. As noted by Yahoo News (via HealthDay), a recent increase in the Illinois cigarette tax may encourage more smokers to quit, or will at least make an already-expensive habit or addiction even more costly. As noted in the report, a smoker in Chicago can easily end up spending $300 or more per month on packs of cigarettes. This comes at a time when many smokers are seeking healthier alternatives for nicotine consumption other than the usual gums, patches and e-cigs, and new offerings are entering the market to fill this need.
One such offering I've seen is the Pax Vaporizer (for background), a device that uses loose-leaf tobacco and eliminates the harmful toxins from smoke by heating rather than burning (combustion), which releases only the active ingredients of smoke. It has a style that I haven't seen before in this market -- it seems a bit "MacBook-esque" with its anodized aluminum exterior and modern look.
While the device isn't intended for smoking cessation, it could eliminate buying expensive cigarettes, and can reduce the problem of secondhand smoke. It's likely that more such devices will become available for those looking for their nicotine fix. As someone who's known people who have struggled with this issue, it's nice to see that there are alternatives entering the market besides gums and patches.