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Thousands monkeys visiting

By Asep Muklis
Posted Sep 17, 2012 in Environment
On Sunday September,16,2012, hundreds of monkeys hunted for foods into the villager’s houses. It was about 09.36. They took anything to eat. They were never afraid of people who tried making them away from the village, because they were all starving.
The long term of dry season in Indonesia that is beginning from April to September 2012 has not only made people lake of water resources but also made the monkeys hungry. The trees in the forest were dry and no more green leafs to leave or even the fruits. This forced the animals to migrate, looked for the living.
According to one of the villager that the phenomenon was not as usual a long the dry season, and the behavior of those animals made them worried. They broke the roof which was made of straws and stole some foods from the kitchen such as coconut, sweet potatoes, taro and even rice. The villager couldn’t do anything when they were trying to slide down in to their houses, because most villagers were busy with their works, and the monkey insisted to be there for surviving themselves.

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