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Wishing Birthday to a legend - Altaf Hussain

By Syed Kashif Nawaz
Posted Sep 16, 2012 in Politics
September 17, 2012 is the 59th birth anniversary of Altaf Hussain, the founder & the leader of Mutahidda Qoumi Movement (MQM), which is the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan & 2nd largest in the southern province of Sindh. He not only created his party from the womb of a student organization, APMSO but also gathered those people under its banner who had immigrated from Muslim minority provinces of India after partition & given them a collective name “Muhajir” as their identity.
His political career is full of sacrifices. He made “Haq Parast” (of Righteous) his slogan & introduced the philosophy of “Realism & Practicalism”. He struggled for the oppressed for whole life.
It will be right to say, he was the one identified “Feudalism” as the root cause of the major problems of the Pakistan & introduced the theory of 2% Vs 98% that a small chunk of 2% feudal, capitalists & civil/military bureaucrats have deprived the 98% poor & middle class educated majority.
Altaf Hussain was born to Nazeer Hussain & Khursheed Begum on 17th September 1953 in Karachi. He came from a family of seven brothers & four sisters.
His parents belonged to religious families of Agra (India). Hussain’s Grand Father, Mufti Muhammad Ramzan was the Grand Mufti of Agra while his maternal grand father Haji Hafiz Raheem Bux was a reputed religious scholar.
His life is marked with struggle for the oppressed. He worked to unite the people, to eliminate the ethnic, sectarian & religious divides, & for the development of the country.
There are several attributes of his personality to prove him a great leader which must be revealed now, let us have a look:
In Pakistan, every leader talk about walking on the true path of Islam, in reality no one is following the same except Altaf Hussain, he not only eliminated the Shiite-Sunni strife existed in Karachi before the commencement of MQM, but also proved with their work he & his party is against any sort of sectarian, ethnic & religious divides. In recognition to his services many Religious Scholars said they believe, among leaders only Altaf Hussain is following the teachings of Islam.
Altaf Hussain, after completing his B. Pharmacy, went to USA for higher studies. It was the time he had had established MQM in Pakistan. He would have completed his higher studies & would have made a good fortune in USA, but he opted to be back and lead his party & the people for their collective benefits.
We can have an idea of his simplicity & sincerity with the country that even being the undisputed leader of the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan & 2nd largest in Sindh, he never sought any position or material benefit for him or for his family.
Altaf Hussain has great confidence & faith in him, he seen worst form of operation, media trail, character assassination & psychological warfare but never gave-up, he relied upon Allah Almighty & remained patient even during the worst ever military operation in Sindh wherein the establishment killed his brother & nephew.
It is a fact, due to conspiracies against him, he had to take political asylum in UK & was forced to live in exile away from his family, friends & home, but, it is also a fact, he not only strengthened his party leading from exile but also got tremendous results. His party not only survived several operations but also upgraded from “Muhajir” to “Mutahida” Qoumi Movement, spread across the country & win seats in AJK & GB elections.
Honestly speaking, in Pakistan every leader talk about following the true path of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but no other leader is following it. No one cares that his actions or words would hurt others. I don’t see any leader in Pakistan who could take care of his people like Altaf Hussain do, who cared about the collective interests of the Pakistanis including minorities.
Is there any leader in Pakistan except Altaf Hussain who really thinks about the people irrespective of the caste, creed, sect, tribe or religion?
Today, I see the leaders who just want to plunder the country & its resources after coming to power, unlike Altaf Hussain who has refused to take position or seat.
Is there any leader in Pakistan other then Altaf Hussain who doesn’t want him to be elected Prime Minister or to be in power?
Do we have leaders who could bounce back to oppressors courageously in or out of country like Altaf Hussain did or is doing?
We all want “Credit” without doing anything, unlike Altaf Hussain who had preferred “no credit even after doing a lot”.
Let us wish him a joyful birthday on this September 17, Happy Birthday Altaf Hussain – the legend.